Zürich | WIFT bei der SoundTrack_Zurich


WIFT in cooperation with Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network (SWAN) and Alliance for Women Film Composers (AFWC) at SoundTrack_Zurich

Address of Welcome & BURNING MEMORIES
Mittwoch, 29.9. 2021 | 15:00-16:00
Case Study with Ivana Kvesic, Cornelia Köhler and Alice Schmid in coop. with SWAN, WIFT, AWFC
Host: Mirjam Skal
Matchmaking for Women in Media & Music
Mittwoch, 29.9. 2021 | 16:30-17:30
Meet the other participants of SoundTrack_Zurich in cooperation with SWAN, WIFT, AWFC
OSS 117: Alerte Rouge en Afrique Noire
Donnerstag, 30.9.2021 | 16:30-17:30
Case Study with Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen in coop. with SWAN, WIFT, AWFC

Mittwoch, 29. September 2021